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Julie & Pat W. 

Aspen B.  

I discovered my love of Super Suppers from a co-worker and here is my story:


In 2014, while at work, I learned of the passing of my father.  I immediately broke down sobbing and headed home.  While processing my grief that Friday, my co-worker visited "Super Suppers", filled the carry bag with several dishes, and dropped it off so I wouldn't have to worry about preparing meals for the weekend.  What a blessing to have such delicious food at my fingertips.  It truly saved me and opened the door for discovering all the delights that Super Suppers has to offer.  I now get excited seeing new options available, or welcome the comfort of old favorites.  It's always a joy to interact with the staff, as everyone is so very friendly and helpful.  My love for Super Suppers continues to grow each and every time I visit.

Allison P.

Celebrating 10 Years of Super Suppers ~ Why I Love Super Suppers


Elementary school activity for mom and son

Learning that food prep is fun

Making meals for the family crew

Super Suppers to the rescue


Middle school hormones attack

Activities including swim, football and track

Don't forget church and school too

Super Suppers to the rescue


High school years and more is happenin'

With swim, football and clay target shootin'

Church, school and work too

Super Suppers to the rescue


Illness, injury and other life crazy

Meals to show need to be lazy

Caring for others and our family too

Super Suppers to the rescue


The empty nest is a fun deal

But cooking for two is an adjustment for real

Dinner one day then leftovers for lunch the next is a timesaving tool

Super Suppers to the rescue

Connie B.

I love super suppers because they rescue me from the kitchen! I have to make meals for vegetarians and carnivores and the elderly, on a nightly basis. Some days I can't face the task so I pop into SS and fill my freezer with choices for each group and I am free to just bake and serve. Thanks to the ladies at Super suppers who have given me healthy and yummy choices.

Amy N.

Simply put...I would be a mess without Super Suppers...It has changed my entire world! We eat a healthy, hot, homemade meal as a family, around our table, as it should be. It has fit perfectly into our family budget and has kept me from throwing away food at the end of the week. They are so accommodating if I need to stay in my car because of the kiddos; as they pull the meals  for us and come out to help me check out. Thank you Super Suppers...
I'm a lifer!!

Lauren T.

As a registered dietitian I have counseled many people about their diets and hear "I don't have time to make a homemade dinner".  My goal is to educate people about the importance of nutrition and Super Suppers is an economical, nutritious and easy way to have healthy meals.  If you are on a special diet the nutrition info online can help you stay within your calorie, sodium, carbohydrate or fat levels.  The portions are within the guidelines and the variety of entrees makes eating out obsolete!  I love the convenience of not having to go to the grocery store and think about. what to prepare, shop, cook and clean up.  Some of my family's favorites are Chicken with Pesto, Pecans, and Bacon, Stuffed Shells, and all the flavors of flank steak.

-Ginny S, RD, LDN

Ginny S.

Once again, Super Suppers saves the day!


Like many of us here in Franklin, I work in the Entertainment business and on tour for much of the year.  Life on the road is great in many ways, but it makes it all but impossible to keep fresh, wholesome food in the house.  It always spoils and goes to waste by the time you finally get back home.  Super Suppers to the rescue!


Let's face it, when we get home off the road, the last thing we want to do is go shopping for food that will ultimately rot...just to slave away in the kitchen to prepare a couple of meals, when all you want is a great meal with no hassle then a long nights sleep in your own bed!  Super Suppers to the rescue!!


Freezer to plate gourmet meals in an hour or so? Awesome!   I even keep a couple of meals on hand in case folks come by for a surprise visit. Again Super Suppers to the rescue.   


Thank you, Super help me save food, save time and save the day!   You are indeed Super!


Josh T

Audio Engineer and Eater of Fine Food.

Josh T.

I like Super Suppers because it gives my mom less of a hassle to make dinner and more time to relax and play with me. Now we have a good meal every night, and not leftovers or takeout for most of the week. It gives me the kind of food that my mom doesn't usually make because she's almost entirely vegetarian, and I get just the right amount to fill me up.


I first found out about Super Suppers when I joined a cooking class about U.S. regional fare, and later learned to make braided pizza bread when author Kathryn Williams came to share how to prepare the recipes in her book. I also learned about making spaghetti sauce and summer succotash with fresh ingredients. Whenever I go with my mom to pick up our suppers for the week, Phemie is always there and she is extremely nice.


Overall, my three favorite meals are: Hungarian Sausage & Pasta, Cranberry Barbecue Meatballs, and the Mozzarella-stuffed Burgers. My favorite sides are the scones (all flavors), the Home-style Green Beans with Bacon, and the awesome garlic bread. I also cannot believe how good the Creamy Strawberry-Oreo Trifle is!

Miles B. age 12  

Simply put...I would be a mess without Super Suppers...It has changed my entire world! We eat a healthy, hot, homemade meal as a family, around our table, as it should be. It has fit perfectly into our family budget and has kept me from throwing away food at the end of the week. They are so accommodating if I need to stay in my car because of the kiddos; as they pull the meals  for us and come out to help me check out. Thank you Super Suppers...I'm a lifer!!

Lauren T.

Thank you Super Suppers! You have made it possible our family to eat healthy for the past FOUR YEARS! While I was in high school, my mom worked two jobs, while I took care of my little sister. We ate TV dinners, canned soups, or simply nothing before Mom joined Supper Club. Super Suppers provided tasty, nutritious meals that my little sister and I could cook together. It was a great bonding experience for us.


Now in college, I live in an apartment with two roommates. We joined the Supper Club together this year, and it's perfect! As a full time student, I love SS because it not only provides me with dinner, but also with TIME. I have time to focus on school rather than grocery shopping or preparing food. Not to mention, my roommate's boyfriend thinks I'm an awesome cook! He is ALWAYS asking what's for dinner!

Courtney L.

Traveling from Michigan, by car or by plane

To visit our family, this year's been insane!

The best kind of chaos, a house filled with love,

Blessed with new twins; they're a gift from above. 


But bottles and diapers and laundry, oh my!

Can Super Suppers help us get by?

Rock-a-bye babies, read sister a book.

Where has the day gone?  There's no time to cook!                      


Salmon and flank steak, both fabulous dishes

And oh, that tilapia - it was delicious!

Then Mommy had surgery; stocked more of your food.

Meals at the ready sure brightened our mood.                             


The staff kind and helpful, we'll keep coming back

No comparison to fast food in a sack.

Now snuggle big sister and play with a toy,

Cuddle TWO babies - a girl and a boy.


For grandparents who live too far away,

Super Suppers has saved the day!

Chuck L

I wish there was a simple explanation for why I love Super Suppers.  It goes beyond the amazing food!  It reaches into the hearts of people.  It speaks of the freedom to spend extra time with my husband, who works extremely long hours, and my children, and with a special lady I lost to cancer this year.  Super Suppers is about feeding families healthy, yummy, near-gourmet meals without a lot of prep and cooking time.  But I say it's also about feeding the spirit, too.  The extra family time is so wonderful, it renews me and my spirit.  Super Suppers has fed me and my family in so many is simply impossible to name them all...but I am grateful each time I pull an entree or side from the freezer for all the ways we are fed by Phemie and her team!  Thank you Super Suppers! 

Sunshine B.

I am blessed to be a working mother, wife and daughter.   However, my mother is an invalid and my father is now her caregiver.  He has also been in the hospital several times recently and I have been stretched between hospital

visits, taking care of my mother, and trying to hold down the fort.


Although I enjoy cooking, I do not have time to provide nutritious meals for my family every night nor take food to my parent's house.  Simply stated, Super Suppers has been a lifesaver.  We now have wonderful, stress free meals together and can focus on each other instead of the mechanics of getting dinner together.


I no longer worry that my parents are not eating properly because they also order from Super Suppers.   We spend much less money and time at restaurants, my children eat healthier and we enjoy quality time together.  Now that's super.

Catherine W.

I am not a great cook.  I am not even a good cook!  So when I need to "bring a dish,"  Super Suppers gives me confidence in the delicious items I choose to bring.   


Super Suppers gives me more time to enjoy my life!  After a busy day at work, I can pull out a dish from the freezer and actually enjoy spending time with friends and family.


Super Suppers lets me be in two places at once!  One of my best friends has Muscular Dystrophy and lives hours away. It's such a blessing to be able to provide meals for her by stocking her freezer with tasty, nutritious, and easy to fix meals.


Thanks for the wonderful service you provide.  I feel like you really understand my desires to make life better for my family and friends.  Stopping by Super Suppers is a great way to do that.

Laura H.

When my husband was deployed to Iraq, my children ended up eating cereal and canned foods every night - my ability to think of creative meals seriously stunted by worry about my husband's safety.  When I joined Super Supper's Gold Club, however, things changed.  I bought a freezer for my garage and filled it with tasty and affordable meals.


But more than just feeding my kids, I could feed the neighborhood.  Suddenly, I could invite people over for sit down meals, with very little preparation or fuss.  It allowed me to have regular fellowship with dear friends in my own home - a downright necessity as word from Iraq worsened.  

Super Suppers is more than just food, it's also family, fun, and friendship.  (And now that my husband's back -- and the war has turned around -- I can at least pretend to be a much better cook.)  Thanks, Super Suppers!

Nancy F.

We love Super Suppers for many reasons, it saves me time, money, allows us to eat better and it is GREAT FOOD!


I am a busy mother of 2 that works a fulltime job as well as trying to start my own business, when I come home I have barely enough time to change it  seems like before I have to start working. Super Suppers has taken away the worry of "I don't have time to cook a healthy, decent meal for my family." Not only do I have time to put something in the oven that is great tasting, it also gives us sensible portions that are very nutritional. Many times I have enough for my lunch the next say, saving even more money! I am thankful every month when it comes time to meal planning and grocery shopping, we have cut our grocery bill by about $75.00 a month and my lunches by more than $60.00 on average. For us Super Suppers Bronze meal package practically pays for itself!! Thank you Super Suppers!

Kimberly J.

I have loved Super Suppers since the purchase of my very first entree.  When my husband and I were both working, I found it difficult to prepare meals that were healthy and convenient and we spent too many meals eating out.  After having my twin girls, I knew I needed healthy choices for meals and meals that were easy and convenient.  Super Suppers has provided the perfect solution! We eat more meals at home - and it is so exciting to try new entrees.  I feel good about feeding my girls what we are eating and sitting down at the table for a meal has become a huge part of our family routine.  We love all the variety that Super Suppers offers - there is always something new to try! It is much healthier and much more economical than eating out.  Thank you for providing my family with amazing meals! 

Amy A.

As a busy mother of 3 small children with a full-time job, my family might not ever get a meal without Super Suppers!  It is so fulfilling to feel like I can provide a healthy, homemade meal to my family after a busy day at work that tastes like I spent all day in the kitchen.  Dinner can be one of the most stressful parts of the day but having prepared meals from Super Suppers ready to cook when I get home, I can alleviate that stress and spend a few extra minutes with my family in the evening.

Rachel B.

On our 45th wedding anniversary, right after I retired, my wife, Frances, said, "Steve, I've taken care of our house for 45 years, you get the next 45."

I'm not a good cook, so Super Suppers has saved me. Thank You!

Steven W.

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