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Plump, juicy meatballs swim in our delicious sour cream mushroom sauce. Includes herbed egg noodles. Place the noodles on a large platter, top with meatballs, and it’s almost too pretty to eat!  Stovetop - 15-20 minutes if thawed.


Preparation:  Thaw completely. If frozen, defrost in microwave before cooking.


Cooking Instructions:  In medium saucepan, heat meatballs and sauce, stirring often, until mixture comes to a simmer. Simmer 15 minutes, stirring often to prevent mixture from burning. Meanwhile, bring 10 cups water (use 8 cups water for regular order) to a boil in a large saucepan. Add contents of noodle bag and cook noodles 5-8 minutes, or until tender. Drain cooked noodles (use a strainer or colander) and place on platter. Pour hot meatballs and sauce over the noodles.


Suggested Sides:  Super Suppers English Pea Salad with Water Chestnuts

Swedish Meatballs with Noodles

  • Nutritional Facts

    Serving Size:    
    Servings Per Package:    

    Amount Per Serving
    Total Calories:    410.00
    Total Calories from Fat:    
    Total Fat (g):    26.00
    Saturated Fat (g):    11.00
    Monounsaturated Fat (g):    
    Trans Fat (g):    0.00
    Polyunsaturated Fat (g):    
    Total Protein (g):    14.00
    Total Carbohydrates (g):    30.00
    Total Fiber (g):    2.00
    Total Cholesterol (mg):    60.00
    Total Sodium (mg):    1,450.00
    Total Sugar (g):    2.00

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