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Common Questions

Q. What is Super Suppers?

Your answer to “What’s for Dinner?” No additional chopping and mopping. Meals are prepared in our kitchen but cooked fresh in yours. Once the food is assembled, it is immediately kept frozen to retain vitamin content, color, flavor and texture. Majority of the meals can be cooked from frozen. To save 15-20 minutes of cooking time, thaw in refrigerator overnight.


Q. What size are the entrées?

Most of our entrees and sides serves 3 adults according to nutritional guide.  For example, items with individual proteins (chicken breasts, pork chops, fish, etc.) will have 3 pieces according to the recommended limits for the nutrients.  Then we have casserole style entrees that will yield about 3 servings for average persons.

Q. What is Grab N' Go?

There is no pre-order required. Although our Grab N' Go lists changes throughout the day, we always have entrees, sides, desserts, and breakfast items prepared in our Grab n’ Go freezers—ready for you to pick up and cook. They can be served for dinner tonight or stored in your freezer for up to three months. Most customers come visit us once a month to save time.

If you'd like something specific on the menu, pickup orders must be placed at least 48 hours ahead of time or you can call us at 615-595-8899 to check availability. We can then determine the best pickup time for you.


Q. How much time does Super Suppers save me each month?

Super Suppers saves 20 to 30 hours each month. We eliminate the hours you would spend trying to figure out what to cook (menu planning), grocery shopping (all you do now is buy pantry staples and drinks), reading recipes, prepping ingredients, running back to the grocery store for a recipe ingredient you forgot, cleaning up your prep area, and in many cases, you get to throw away the pan!


Q. What are your store hours?

We open from 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday, 11am to 6pm on Saturdays. We are always closed on Sundays. Please call 615-595-8899 during business hours if you run late and need to pickup after 6pm. We will try our best to accommodate.


Q. How much does Super Suppers cost?

Prices average about $8.25 a serving. Many of our customers tell us they save money on their monthly grocery bill by using Super Suppers. There's no waste of ingredients and no overeating at restaurants.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept most major credit cards and cash.


Q. Does Super Suppers offer a gift card?

We sure do! Our gift card can be purchased in our store or over the phone. We can mail the gift card to you or directly to the recipients. It’s the perfect gift!

Q. Do you offer cooking classes?

Occasionally we do offer demo or cooking classes with a minimum size of 12 guests. Special arrangement needs to be made with our chef. Depending on the menu, it averages $50 per person.


Q. What is your event cancellation policy?

If customer provides 48 hours notice of cancellation, 100% of the original class payment (if less than 48 hours 50% of payment) can be transferred to future event or in-store credit (refund not offered). If no notice provided, 100% of the original payment is forfeit. Super Suppers reserves the right to cancel a tasting the morning of event if less than 10 participants. In the event this occurs original payment can be transferred to any other class. Only clients that paid full value directly to Super Suppers can request a refund if store cancels class.


Satisfaction Guarantee: If there is a meal that Super Suppers prepared for you that is incorrectly made, we will replace that item with a Signature Entree at no cost.


All About Food

Q. What is the best way to defrost my entrées?

The proper way to defrost any frozen food is to store it in your refrigerator for 24 - 48 hours so it can thoroughly defrost. Defrosting food by leaving it on the kitchen counter at room temperature has the advantage of speed, but it also has the disadvantage of allowing for bacteria and spoilage, so we do not recommend this method. We do not recommend defrosting in the microwave, but this is only second-best and should be done with care. Over-microwaving can cause the edges of the food to overcook.

Most entrees can cook just a bit longer if they’re frozen or partially frozen. Cooking instructions are printed on the food labels. All foil pans should be placed on baking sheet for proper heat conduction in the oven.


Q. How long can a thawed entrée stay in the refrigerator?

Completely thawed seafood dishes should be stored in the refrigerator no longer than 24 hours before cooking. Other completely thawed entrées can be stored up to 2 days. Once thawed entrees are stored in the refrigerator for 2 days, we recommend you to cook them first even if you decide to consume it later. Cooked entrees can then be kept refrigerated for another 2-3 days. Good planning prevents food waste and ensures best quality of the food.

Q. How long can an entrée stay frozen?

We recommend 2 months but no longer than 3.

Q. Do entrées come with side dishes?

Some entrees come with an accompanying side. We also offer in our Grab n’ Go freezers numerous side dishes and desserts—offering complete meals for you and your family. Call our kitchen during business hours if you have any questions. We'll be happy to help.

Q. Is nutritional information provided?

Yes. We provide nutritional information for each of our entrées and side dishes. You can find the nutritional information on our Web site by clicking on the pictures of the items. These nutritionals are calculated by a registered Diet Tech with the American Dietetic Association who has a BA in Foods and Nutrition and has years of experience in the food and nutrition industry.

Q. Can I use Super Suppers entrées if I have a severe food allergy?

We do not guarantee that any of our entrées will be safe for any allergy. Call your local Super Suppers store and they will be happy to work with you to help determine the ingredients in each entrée.

Q. What options do you have for vegetarians?

Each month we include several dishes that are either vegetarian or can easily be changed to become vegetarian. For instance, in many of our dishes, the meat can be left out and substituted with vegetables, beans or a starch such as rice.

Q. Does Super Suppers work for me if I am on a special diet such as Atkins, South Beach or Weight Watchers?

We offer nutritionals for all of our entrées so you can integrate them into your lifestyle, no matter what that may be. While we do not design our menus around any of these diets because our meals are designed for the whole family, many of our entrées can be eaten by those on different diets. Check the nutritionals to determine carbs, proteins, fats, etc.​

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