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Our special recipe for this holiday pie includes fresh pecans, flaked coconut and dark, rich chocolate. Enjoy at home or take to a party – this decadent dessert is sure to be a hit wherever it is served.  Stovetop - until melted; Oven - 35-40 minutes.


Preparation:  Thaw completely. If frozen, defrost in microwave before heating on stovetop.


Cooking Instructions:  Preheat oven to 350F. Place pie filling in saucepan over low heat. Stir and heat until butter is melted and mixture is warm, being careful not to let it burn. Pour filling into pie shell. Place on baking sheet. Bake 35-40 minutes. Pie will still be very soft and will not get firm in the center. Allow to cool before slicing and serving. Cooking times may vary due to differences in ovens.

Chocolate Pecan Pie

  • Nutritional Facts

    Serving Size:    

    Servings Per Package:    


    Amount Per Serving

    Total Calories:    630.00

    Total Calories from Fat:    

    Total Fat (g):    41.00

    Saturated Fat (g):    20.00

    Monounsaturated Fat (g):    

    Trans Fat (g):    1.00

    Polyunsaturated Fat (g):    

    Total Protein (g):    6.00

    Total Carbohydrates (g):    66.00

    Total Fiber (g):    4.00

    Total Cholesterol (mg):    145.00

    Total Sodium (mg):    160.00

    Total Sugar (g):    55.00

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